Win a FREE copy of CS:GO!

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Throughout the years, the community has been very generous with donations. This holds especially true as of lately. We've decided that since the community has been so giving to us, we're going to give back!

We've got TEN copies of CS:GO to give out. The methods in which we give them have yet to be determined completely. Some will be members only, or maybe admins only, others may be open to anyone. We haven't really decided just yet. However, to get things going, how about a completely random drawing for the first one?

  • Only one entry per person
  • Open to anyone on the forums (members, regulars, admins, recruits, etc)
  • You MUST be signed in with STEAM (click the Shiny Green Button at the top of your screen. :))
  • Post in THIS thread
  • You CAN'T already own CS:GO.

We'll take entries for this particular giveaway until Monday, August 27th. Monday afternoon, we'll randomly select a winner from those who have posted in this thread. After that, we'll have nine more copies to give away in different ways.

Post away!
Not open for further replies.