The =CmG=|M| tag. Please do NOT wear it in your name anymore.


CmG Co-Founder
Senior Admin
If you are a =CmG=|M| and your tag is currently displayed in your NAME, please remove it and please put your tag on via the clan tag system (Options -> Multiplayer -> Advanced -> Clantag). You need to be in the CmG Steam group to be able to wear the tag this way, so if you need an invite just hit up any Admin and have them add you. None of the current member perks will work for you unless you are Tagged Properly, and anything i code in the future will also be reserved solely for those tagged correctly. You chances of being promoted to Apprentice Admin will also be slim->none if you aren't tagged via the clan tag system from now on. If you see any other members wearing the tag in their name, please let them know whats up, and ask them to tag up via the clan tag system.