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Spring Admin Promotions & Demotions!


Senior Admin
Senior Admin
Hey all. It's about that time again for what..? It’s time for a brand spanking new fresh batch of Apprentice Admins! Unfortunately, some Admins will be retiring from their positions as well. This is how we get to replace the new ones with the old ones. Anyways, let's see who's being promoted & demoted.


M -> A: ReQui3m
Guess who's back active again? Well, for some of you that don't know ReQui3m, he is a retired admin and he made himself back to the active list again
I remember ReQ being an admin way back and slapping my ass around on the css servers but now its time for me to slap him around :p It's nice to see you back buddy. Welcome to the A's team again.

M -> @: Dan, OrangeDrank, Berzerk, Crantly, Koubanator, Feisty
Holy moly? Yea, that's right, we are promoting six M's to @'s this round. I'm pretty sure you all know these scrubs. They have been fantastic examples of members who we believe will do a fantastic job as Apprentice Admins. Go ahead and give them a warm welcome to the admin team!


A -> M: Inept, Czechmate, Polarbare, MoF, Juggernutt, Wick, Elitist, Rabbid0Squirrel
Unfortunately, some of these guys are being retired due to their own request, and some are being retired due to inactivity, but many of them have been admins here for a long time and we appreciate all their hard work they put into keeping the community top notch. Please give them a round of applause for their hard work, and we hope to see them stick around, or even return to their posts in the future.

That's all!