Server GO5 (GG-DM) is now DM-Free-For-All


CmG Co-Founder
Senior Admin
GO5 which was formerly a GunGame Deathmatch server is now a Server GO5 (GG-DM) is now DM-Free-For-All server. The server was playing mostly GG/DM maps before but now the server's maplist is mostly de_ & cs_ maps with a few of the bigger dm_ maps carried over from the old setup. Since the old GO5 setup used random weapons I've left random weapons on for the current setup as well. I'm not opposed to potentially allowing people to pick their weapons instead, but I'd rather leave it at random for now unless I know thats really a problem. For those who don't know, Free-For-All just means that everyone is your opponent, including your teammates, so you shoot them too. The advantages of FFA DM vs non FFA DM is that since you are shooting everything that moves, you can use more player skins without confusing people as to who to shoot. You can also have a livelier game without requiring as many people currently be in the server.

Currently I think mp_timelimit is set to 15 minutes, mp_fraglimit is 100, and the map will end when one of those is reached. Extensions add 10 minutes and 50 frags.

I'm hoping this server still appeals to the small amount of regulars who used to frequent GO5, while possibly drawing a few more people in as well. I'm not really concerned with server ranks but GO5 has been dead for a while.