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Retirements/Demotions - December 4th, 2020


Master Shanker
Retired Senior
Hello all,

Got some retirements for you all.

D to A:

D to M:

S Retirements:

Over the 13 years that I've been here, since the start of CmG, I've gotten to watch hundreds of people join the clan, leave the clan, see others start relationships with other clan members, and start friendships that will last past CmG.

Unfortunately, I find myself with less and less time these days, and honestly should have retired within the last 2 years. It's pretty obvious that myself, and the other Seniors, should have brought in more competent help earlier to help the burn-out problem that we go through. Dealing with people, and dealing with broken servers all the time became something I'd dread coming home to vs being able to come home and have fun like we used to. 2012-2016 vs 2017-2020 is a pretty clear difference in how CmG was run when we had more active Seniors, with competent help from others. Hopefully the new HR and Server dev concepts will fix this for Bunny, and future Seniors.

I'm not necessarily closing the door on CmG, and will leave my foot in the door to come back, but as of today, I am retiring from S. It has certainly been an adventure, and I hope to see that CmG continues to have a bright future. I will continue to remain on to help with any transitional things that Bunny and the server devs need from me (in the capacity of an admin/server dev) for a TBD amount of time, but as of today, any matters that involve decision making is out of my hands. I will remain an active part of the community, and continue playing on the server as well.

pretty much the same, lul, he said:
nah im good
i suck at it lol
you can wirte somefin for me
since u doing it


Relatively Unknown Poster
Thanks for everything you guys have done over the years. I dont know many people but I definitely remember Knight being around when i first found you guys in the 2012-13 era. You guys helped make a really fun community, thanks for that


Catching up to the Seniors
It's like what's always said around. .Life happens. .

But it's always nice to come back to something you've helped build and see it still be around (definitely seen some of that happening with old regs reappearing). Hopefully we'll carry on this legacy for y'all retiring Seniors.

Definitely treasure what ya'lls built here and appreciate your continued support and help within the community !

It definitely wears on everyone when people expect things to be perfect and keep pushing for it. Instead of being a fun challenge to overcome; it's now a chore you're nagged on. I hope it doesn't wear on the upper echelons of CMG as much now that the responsibility is spread out a little more.

Thanks for y'alls guidance.


Kwisatz Haderach
Thank you for your service @Arrow! @Mialaca, great to see you staying on as an admin, I know you'll never acknowledge it but you're one of the best of 'em.

@Knight and @Melvin - There are no words guys, seriously. Everything has to come to an end sometime, but even when it happens it just doesn't seem real. The two of you have contributed so much and benefitted so many people, especially me, that it's just about goddamn heroic. You guys helped to create one of the most welcoming, fun, and inclusive places in all of FPS gaming and it will continue to live on, bittersweetly, without you at the helm. Thank you both for your unmatched service.

Y'all better come on back home and visit every once in a while now, ya hear?


Mr. Chet Brokowski
Bruh, you guys have been the heart and soul of this community. Huge loss. Miss you <3.

b gud