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READ BEFORE POSTING: How to Submit a Ban Request

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Was someone breaking one of our server rules (hacking, racism, etc) and an admin wasn't available? You can submit a ban request here by doing the following:

-Record a demo first! You can do simply by typing record demoname (demoname being whatever you want) in the console (accessible by pressing ~). Once recording has begun, please type status in the console as well (this puts a list of all players on the server with their steamids which the demo will have when we start watching the demo). Once you believe you've caught enough footage, type stop in console to stop the demo recording.
-Submitting a demo on our Sourcebans page (found here). Your demo will be found in your csgo steam folder.
-ALTERNATIVELY: An actual video recording is acceptable, but the demo will probably be a lot less hassle to submit. The video will not be able to be uploaded to our Sourcebans site though, you will need to upload that elsewhere (Unlisted on Youtube is our preferred option). You will still need to show the status in console though if you go this route.
-After doing all of that, post here in this section by using this template:
Steam ID:
Why you're submitting the ban request:
Demo Link:

Ignoring these guidelines will most likely result in your request being denied.
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