Promotions/Demotions and future @'s!


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Heya all!
Hope you guys are doing well and enjoying this beautiful Friday night!

Just wanted to let everybody know that we got some new Admins/@'s. At the same time, we are demoting a few A's/@'s -> M's due to their playtime or inactivity.

Anyways, lets see who is being promoted this time around!
M ->@:
  1. =CmG=|@| Sunnii
  2. =CmG=|@| Mialaca
  3. =CmG=|@| Rus0
  4. =CmG=|@| Finkel
  5. =CmG=|@| Resynkk
  6. =CmG=|@| Im_a_Little_Bunny
  7. =CmG=|@| Kurazaha
  8. =CmG=|@| Keglug
We are promoting eight @'s this time. I'm pretty sure you all know these guys so I don't have to write an intro for each one of them :) Please congratulate them when you see them around. Oh! and watch out for all those silly A's, they will be coming after you. Abuuse time :p

@-> A:

  1. =CmG=|A| Feisty
  2. =CmG=|A| MrMoe
  3. =CmG=|A| KyleTheFly
  4. =CmG=|A| eXp
These guys have been slapped/drugged/abused many times so far, but they have shown themselves that they deserve the A tag. Go head and congratulate them when you see them.

@ -> M:

  1. =CmG=|M| Hate
  2. =CmG=|M| Bugknight
A -> M:
  1. =CmG=|M| Beanm
  2. =CmG=|M| Berzerk

Unfortunately, the journey has ended for these guys. Not everyone can make it up or can keep it up on the top 5 list. We would like to thank these admins for all their effort they have put into this community so far.

This is all for now.

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