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Promotions & Demotions 12/8/16


Senior Admin
Senior Admin
Hey all! It's been another 5 months since we did promotions/demotions and here we are with another round. Let's see who's being promoted & demoted!

=CmG=|@| sFe
=CmG=|@| Mr. 9k
=CmG=|@| Blackpond

Please congratulate these 3 new bastards and welcome them to the team! Let the hazin begin :)
@-> A
=CmG=|A| Collin
=CmG=|A| Drados da n00b
=CmG=|A| Birdy

The current @s have been promoted to full Admins, go head congratulate em.

=CmG=|M| e30
=CmG=|M| koubanator
=CmG=|M| Dan

Let's take a moment and say thanks to these 3 gents right here for all their hard work they have done for us here.

Thank you all!
Merry X-Mass & Happy New Year!
:heart: Seniors