Promotions and Retirements!


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Senior Admin
M's -> @'s:
y Not & Polarbare
We are promoting 2 CmG Members to Apprentice Admins this time around. Please give a hearty congratulations to the newest green guys, y Not? and Polarbare!

@'s -> A's: Adrian & theLegato
Ah, Adrian and theLegato. It seems only like a buncha months ago since we made you @'s. Good job as apprentices (or at least, way to not mess up big time!?) Be sure to offer congrats to these fine upstanding new =CmG=|A|'s when ya see em!

A's / @'s -> M's:Poseidon, Mango Jim & Sunny
Well they say the only constant is change. With that in mind following the promotions we have a couple of retirements as well. Mango and Sunny will be missed by many im sure. Poseidon has been around for quite a while now and I already miss him! Hopefully he can stop by sometime and fill us in on all we've missed. Like always, retired admins may be reinstated at a later date if it makes sense to do so! Best of luck to all of you and many thanks for all the efforts you gave us during your time here!