New Servers!


J-girl's bright
Senior Admin
As you all know, we're in the process of moving boxes. Right now we've got most of our servers up and running for testing, so it's in your best interest to add all of these servers to your favorites NOW, so you don't forget when we make the official switch. :)

Current IPs are as follows:
Server 1 - GunGame Turbo/Reverse/KnifePro
Server 2 - GunGame Turbo/KnifePro
Server 3 - GunGame Turbo/DeathMatch/Random Spawn
Server 4 - MiniGames
Server 5 - Hide and Seek (Not Running Yet!)
Server 6 - Regular CSS/ CAL Map Rotation 205.234.203.:27015
Server 7 - 24/7 Surf
Server 8 - GunGame turbo/Elimination/Random Spawn

Add them to your favorites, feel free to get groups together and do some testing! If you guys have any issues or suggestions or notice anything missing, let us know here!