New Server Developers


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Hello all,

I'm sure the community has already noticed, but we have two new S P I C Y server developers taking up the job. @IRISH HAMMER and @Psycoder. As server developers, their jobs pertain to helping keep the servers updated, troubleshooting, trying out new things and even introducing new servers as they see fit (which I believe Irish is already working on a retakes server). Also, our server developers have full admin privileges on our servers (Psycoder is already an A, so he already knows the ropes). They can be identified with that SPICY orange coloring on the forum or Discord, or that =CmG=|D| tag in-game.

On this note, I don't believe it has already been mentioned, but Derolan has resigned as a D due to IRL stuff, along with Squid who has effectively gone MIA as of late. We appreciate their time as developers and hope they may pop up again in the future.


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Yay glad this went up..gratz guys. with hopes you can get us running and keep us running awesomely