New Newbies 7/1/16


Senior Admin
Senior Admin
It's been another 3 months and here we are with another round of promotions/demotions. There are no demotions this round, except for Enigma. We haven't heard anything from him or if anyone knows what happened to him.


=CmG=|S| ReQui3m

Wait what? Is this even real? Yeaaa, ReQ has been with CmG for 8 years, and that's a pretty damn long time and I Melvin needs some help with cmg stuff so why not let the newbie do the work =D Anyways, Che is retiring from CmG and ReQ is taking his spot. These promotions don't come often, they happen once a year or two. Everyone please congratulate ReQ on his promotion to a Senior Admin!

M ->@:
=CmG=|@| Sparta
=CmG=|@| CollinHell
=CmG=|@| Birdy
=CmG=|@| Drughero

=CmG=|@| Drados

We've decided to promote not 5 but 6 peeps this round. Why not, right? Well, when I tell you stay active and visit the damn forums, you better listen if you want to be promoted the next round. Go head and welcome em to the newbie team!

@-> A
=CmG=|A| Ruso
=CmG=|A| Dan
=CmG=|A| Ninja

=CmG=|A| Kaboose

The current @s have been promoted to full Admins, go head congratulate em.

=CmG=|A| El Che

El Che has decided to retire from the CmG Senior position. Che has been a great help to CmG throughout the years and we really appreciate that. Since he's not really active in the servers anymore, he wants to remain an A. I personally want to thank Che for everything he has done for CmG, if it wasn't for him I wouldn't be holding the S position right now, he was the one to get me the S tag :)

=CmG=|M| Enigma

No clue what happened to Enigma, we haven't heard anything from him in two months now, so he will be dropped. If he ever decides to come back and stays active, he will be promoted again.

This is all for now!