New Member Abilities!


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The CmG Menu which is accessible to anyone by typing !cmg in chat has been updated with new options. (The latest update being the ability to select your Skin from this menu.)
Members, Donors, and Admins can all select thier skin from the CmG Skins menu, which can be access from the standard CmG Menu (see pic below), or the CmG Donor Menu, or the CmG Admin Menu.
4 new skins have been enabled on the servers for members, 2 per team. If you are not in CmG, you cant access the Members Only stuff like the Member Skins and Random Knifemod Votes.

In case you missed it, you can access sounds / knife votes / skins in there now, all things ive coded or adjusted in the past few days.
All options in the menu should be working. Skins option may be buggy, very tough to test since i have diff levels of access in it.

If you are a =CmG=|M| you can select from 2 member skins per team.
If you are a donor you can select from the 2 donor skins per team.
If you are a =CmG=|M| who is also a Donor, then you can select from the 4 skins per team (ie the 2 member and 2 donor skins per team)
If you are an admin, you can also select the admin skins there.

The skins as they used to be enabled (ie through the settings menu and handled through mani) are STILL ENABLED.
Not entirely sure what'll happen if you have a skin set in your settings menu and another skin set in the new CmG Skins mod.
My testing so far seems to have my skins override Mani's.

I need feedback on how its working from people who are donors, members, memberDonor, and admin, since this skin mod will work slightly diff for all of you.

EDIT: Whenever you download a new Skin, such as the member skins you guys are gonna download when you connect to the servers next, you will most likely have issues seeing the skin!
You need to shut down css entirely and restart it. Don't just rejoin the server or whatever, actually shut down css entirely and restart it!
Skins issues should be fixed. Simple. If you still have issues, try to figure out if its with just 1 particular skin. If so, lemme know.