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Mid Year Promotions and Rank Resets!


CmG Co-Founder
Senior Admin
Well as some of you may have heard me mention recently, the tools that i often use to determine how active people are arent working at the moment, so i designed a new mod to gether that info for me in the future. Anyways, because of my lack of info this time around, there are not going to be many changes made at all.

Promotions: aO, Scatman
=CmG=|M| aO has been promoted to become our newest =CmG=|@| (Apprentice Admin)
aO's been around a while and is quite active on the forums and servers so im sure he needs no introduction. Be sure to congratulate him when you see him!

=CmG=|@| Scatman has been promoted to =CmG=|A| Scatman, please also congratulate him a well when you see him :)

Demotions: Nobody
Without as much info available to me as i would like, I am not demoting anyone this time around.

Servers: The stats (Rank, GG Wins, etc etc) are all being RESET for the Mid Year. If you been around for a while, this shouldn't be new to you. We typically do this at the end of June.
Also, a new MotD has been put on the servers.

Anyways, that's it this go around. I expect the next round of promotions at the End of September to be a lil busier, but until then, take care, be good, have fun!