Happy New Years!


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Happy New Years to all of You, from all of Us at CmG!

Here we are at the start of yet another year... It's crazy how they just keep on coming at us every 365 days or so!
As is the custom around here every New Years, we have reset the stats on pretty much everything that keeps some kind of stats!

  • On ALL of our servers, the HLStatsX data/ranks have been reset.
  • On our CSS and CSGO GunGame servers, the GG stats such as wins etc, have been reset!
  • On GO3 all of the Timer records/points/whatever have been reset.
  • On GO4 all of the Multi-1v1 related ranks/data has been reset.
  • On CSS1 & CSS2, the GG stats have been moved to an SQL DB like they are on the GO-GG servers. This should stop the duplicate entries.
  • On GO5 the GG stats were accidently disabled, and that's been fixed.

Aside from stat resets, there was also a few small changes/adjustments to some of the servers.

  • On GO2 & on GO5, The !knife command was disabled and I can't remember if i did that for a good reason, so either for now or for good, the !knife command is re-enabled on GO2 and GO5.
  • On GO2 I added some of the skins (10 total, 5 per team) that were previously only on GO3. There are public, member, donor and admin skins.
  • On GO3 The points for Map Tiers have also been adjusted, and a number of the !Styles have been removed.
  • On ALL of our CSGO servers, I have added a CSGO-Sprays plugin, which allows Members, Donors & Admins to choose a spray from the !sprays menu (of around ~100 sprays or so) by typing !sprays in chat. The sprays can be sprayed by either hitting your USE key, or by typing (or making a bind for) !spray in chat or sm_spray in the console. If you are not a Member or Donor or Admin, you can't access the !sprays menu to select a spray, but your USE key (or !spray or sm_spray commands or binds) will still spray 1 of 3 random CmG logo sprays. How often sprays can be sprayed depends on your access. Using !spray instead of your USE key will tell you how long until you can spray again, if you are currently unable to spray.

There's a lot to remember when resetting everything on the servers, so if I missed anything or you notice anything weird please report any bugs etc back here at the forums!

Thanx, and from all of us at CmG, have a healthy, happy and prosperous 2015!