GO4 Multi1v1 Plugin Update


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GO4 has been using version 0.52 of the Multi1v1 Arena plugin since I put it on the server. There was as 1.0 brach of the plugin but it was specifically for the SourceMod 1.7.x branch which until recently was the Development Branch of SourceMod, not the Stable Branch. Anyways, SourceMod has updated its Stable Branch to 1.7.x and its Development Branch to 1.8.x so I have updated ALL CmG servers with the most current Stable SourceMod 1.7.x. This allowed me to finally Update the Multi1v1 plugin on GO4 to the newer 1.0 version. Although there were changes in the DB structure, there was no requirement to reset the DB/Stats on GO4 so existing stats should be fine.

Here is the ChangeLog of stuff that will actually affect players, going from version 0.52 to 1.0.
  • Separate ratings are now calculated for each round type (Rifle, Pistol, Awp) - the overall rating is unaffected and always changed
  • Knife Rounds are allowed now, but are UNranked. No individual Knife Rating is kept, and Knife Rounds do not affect your overall rating.
  • players will receive their weapon skins regardless of the team they are on
  • If using the sm_stats command, clients are notified if they have cl_disablehtmlmotd 1 on
  • Significantly improved performance and reliability of how player statistics are fetched
  • New client command: sm_hidestats will hide any stats-related messages from being printed into chat to a player (it toggles on/off)
  • Chat messages have been colorized and formatted a bit differently now
  • When multiple players join the game, they will be first sorted by order (determining who gets to join), then by rating (the initial arena placement within the new players for this round)
  • Weapon lists are now stored (and configurable) in configs/multi1v1_weapons.cfg rather than hardcoded into the plugin