Fall Admin Promotions and Retirements!


CmG Co-Founder
Senior Admin
Well its been another 3 months, so here we are at our 3'rd run of promotions this year with 1 more to come at the end of the year! There wasn't a lot of activity last time but we're definitely making some changes this go around :) So without further ado, lets get the show on the road!

M's -> @'s:
Czechmate, Mack Daddy, Mango Jim and Melvin
Ya that's right, this time around we're promoting 4 people! There was actually supposed to be a 5'th as well, but they took over a week and did not respond to my PM, so that person missed the boat. Don't ever let it be said that it isn't beneficial to visit the forums frequently, and perhaps pay some attention while you're here :) Some of these promoted M's are more regular on the forums then others (all are very active on our servers) but I expect to see all of them around and so should you so make sure to give them your congratulations when you see them!

@'s -> A's: aO and ThunderBIRDMAN
These 2 apprentices have proven themselves enough and been active enough to of earned their stripes. (though seriously, start uploading demo's for your bans or ima put my foot up your ass). Congratulate them when you see them on becoming full fledged =CmG=|A|'s!

A's -> M's:
Crazi Mexi, Brimstone, Beanm, Inept, LilShorty and ImUrHuckleberry(aka Winchester, aka Kitty)
Ahh so many admins have served us so well, but time stands still for no one. These admins are being retired to member status after in some cases, some very long stays with us as CmG Admins. Thanx for all you guys have ever done for us, and we hope you'll still come around and maybe even someday come back to us again as an admin! <3