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Admins Promotions + Demotions!! 7/18/15


Senior Admin
Senior Admin
Just a small/short announcement here from your friendly Sexy Admin Melvin! We are always behind when it comes to promotions/demotions but it's better late than never. Anyways, let's see who's promoted/demoted.

M ->@: MrMoe, hate, kyle, bugknight, and eXp
We are promoting five M's to @'s this time. These scrubs have been role models, always active and trying to help the community. Go ahead and give them a warm welcome to the @ team.

@ -> A: Crant, Koub and Berzerk
These guys have been waiting a bit too long wearing the @ tag and now hey have proven themselves that they can throw away the @ tag and wear the Adult green tag with pride. They all have full Admin powers on css and csgo now. Go ahead and congratulate them when you see em.

@ -> M: Dan & OrangeDrank
Unfortunately, Dan and Orange are being demoted due to their inactivity. If they decide to come back and if they are active on the forums/server again, they have a chance to wear the @ tag again :)

-> M: ThunderBIRDMAN, Remmingtonsteal & Quaid.
It's a sad day for these Admins. Their Admin journey will end in here. Go ahead and give them a big thanks for all the hard work they have put into this community.

I sux at writing these things soo.
Plus too tired of a 12 hr shift!