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Admin Promotions + Demotions!! 4/1/16


Senior Admin
Senior Admin
Sup, bois and girls. Hope you guys are doing well! It's been another 3 months and as I promised we will be doing these stuff more frequently. So, let's see who's being promoted/demoted.

M ->@:
=CmG=|@| Dan
=CmG=|@| NinJaRed
=CmG=|@| Enigma
=CmG=|@| Kabose

We are promoting 4 M's to @'s this time. I'm pretty sure you all know these noobs. Oh, and Dan used to be an @ for us before but he disappeared and now he's back. Anyways, go ahead and give them a warm welcome to the @ team.

@-> A
=CmG=|A| Mialaca
=CmG=|A| Resynkkk
=CmG=|A| Im_a_Little_Bunny

=CmG=|A| Keglug

These @'s have done a great job and been slapped/drugged/banned many many times. Officially, they can wear the A tag. So, I would like to congratulate them all and ask you all do the same when you see them.

=CmG=|A| remmingtonsteal

We are re promoting remmingtonsteal back to full Admin. Remmingtonsteal used to be an Admin for us back in the day and then he stopped being active. Life took him down the road for some time. Please congratulate him when you see him around. Welcome back bud <3

=CmG=|M| Mack Daddy
=CmG=|M| Fu King Chinese Restaurant
=CmG=|M| Stankbacon
=CmG=|M| Pepper

These Admins are being retired to member status & will be missed fo sure. We appreciate everything what they have for the community, and we hope you will come back someday and maybe come back as an Admin :)

=CmG=|M| Finkel
=CmG=|M| Kurahaza

Unfortunately, we have to demote Finkel and Kurazaha to M. They are being demoted due to their inactivity, but there's always a chance if they want to come back and are active again.

That's all ladies and gents.
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