Admin Promotions and Retirements!


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Senior Admin
Well it's a new year and we're on to another round of promotions and retirements. We meant to do this back at New Years or so, but we did a fair bit of promotions last year so it's no biggie that this is coming a bit late.

M's -> @'s:
Adrian, BubonicChronic and Thelegato
We are promoting 3 CmG Members to Apprentice Admins this time around, so please welcome Adrian, Bubonic and Thelegato as the newest guys to be embracing the Green.

M's -> A's: J-Bright, Neptune, Inept
As well as the 3 new apprentice admins we also have 3 returning admins, oh my! All 3 have been given full regular admin status. I literally just retired Inept last time so its funny but nice to see him back playing and interested again. Neptune is like a ghost; Even if you didnt see him around, he always was. So not much has changed with him, except that now he can ban you easier! J-Bright was also like a ghost, except more in the sense that he dissapeared so f'n long I thought he might of been dead.

@'s -> A's:
Ms.Jax, Sunny, Czechmate, Mack Daddy, Melvin and Mango Jim
All of the remaining Apprentice Admins from the previous round of promotion(s) with the exception of Melvin who is retiring, have been promoted to full admins. Congratulate them when you see them on becoming full fledged =CmG=|A|'s!

A's / @'s -> M's: Adamaniac, Behavin, Eat@Joes, FreeKillFor$5 and Splatter.
Well we have a number of retirements again. Most of these guys are currently having their time eaten away by things other then CSS but you still see them on the forums which is nice. <gasp>Most of these guys have been around for years and years, and their contributions to CmG are both known and greatly respected by many of us. As this very round of promotions and retirements shows, life is cyclical, so perhaps this isnt the last you'll see these guys in Green!