2 New Servers + a change for GO3


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I made some changes to the CmG server lineup and after the dust settled this is how things currently are and how they were changed.

GO3: Course Maps w. Timer
I moved all of the start zones out of the spawn areas, changed a bunch of settings and added a plugin or two, all for the purpose of forcing GO3 to allow infinite respawns. I'm hoping this has the net effect of making things more accessible for newbs, yet more speed runable for non-newbs, and also this should stop almost all of the /calls we get for Delaying (we get a LOT).

GO4: Casual Bhop w. Timer -
I literally lost count long ago of all the times I've been asked over the years to make a bhop server. We've tried pretty much every other game type more than a few times but this is our first kick at the can with a Bhop server. This server uses the same Timer plugin as GO3, which allows for players to play with a variety of !styles. All styles have AutoHop except "Normal", and most of the maps are Low-Mid level difficulty maps so it's meant to be a fairly accessible server for the Bhop newbs out there.

GO4: Multi 1v1 Arena - Renamed!
This server has been renamed to GO5 Multi 1v1 Arena. Only the name changed, nothing else.

GO6: 5v5 PUGs & Scrims -
This 10 slot, 128 tick server is setup so that you simply need to join it and have everybody ready up to begin a 5v5 match. Think of it as Casual Competitive. While not necessary, before a match is live somebody can type !setup to become the leader of the PUG and that person can determine how the match will be setup (kniferound for sides? how are teams decided? ie Random, or via captains, or manually. How is the map to be played to be determined, etc). You can also enable a practice mode that does things like enables auto respawns and infinite money and buy-zones everywhere and allows for grenade trails, etc etc. When the match is "live" players on one team can always talk to and hear all other players on their team, so it simulates having your team on TS/Vent/whatever.

GO7: Retakes -
Retakes is a 9 slot 128 tick server that simulates retaking a bombsite. The CT's spawn somewhere in between A and B sites, and the T's spawn directly inside the bombzone of site A or site B. The T plants the bomb immediately, and the CT's have to go to the bomb site and attempt to kill the T's and/or defuse the bomb. At the start of the round it is announced in chat which bomb site is being used that round so you never have to guess where to go. The T's always have the advantage because they can plant right away and then camp, so the CT team is always meant to outnumber the T's to help offset that advantage.

GO5: DM-FFA and GO6: Zombie were both removed for now to make room for the above server changes/additions.

But, but Sketchy, why did you rename GO4?!??
I just wanted the more casual servers and the more competitive based servers to be grouped separately... It just makes my left brain happy, thats all.

Obviously with creating and testing 2 new servers and changing one other like I did there is a lot of stuff to keep track of. These servers were tested as best as I could but they need to be live public servers now just so I can learn what if anything else might need fixing or changing on them. Please post here on the forums with any feedback or opinions on the new servers or changes.
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